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Flame retardant test

When plastic products burn in a fire, they release toxic smoke and flames, posing a threat to people and property. In order to ensure the safety of plastic products in fires, plastic flame retardant testing is widely used to assess the flame retardant performance of plastic materials.

Plastic flame retardant testing evaluates the flame retardant performance of plastic materials through a series of standardized experimental methods. Our tests are typically based on international standards such as UL 94, ISO 1210, ASTM D635, and others. We usually employ the following two types of plastic flame retardant testing:

1. UL 94 Test: This is a commonly used method to evaluate the burning performance of plastic materials under flames. In this test, plastic samples are exposed to specific conditions of flame to assess their burning rate, flame propagation, and residual after burning.

2.Glow Wire Test: This is a method that simulates the burning situation of plastic products in fires caused by electrical faults. In this test, a heated metal wire is brought into contact with the plastic sample to evaluate its burning performance and flame retardant properties at high temperatures.



Plastic flame retardant testing helps us understand the performance of plastic products in fires and choose materials with good flame retardant properties. By conducting plastic flame retardant testing, we can enhance the safety of plastic products and reduce the threat of fires to human life and property.

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