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Surface roughness test

Surface roughness tester is a special instrument used to measure the surface roughness of objects. It evaluates the smoothness or roughness of the surface by measuring and analyzing the texture, concavity, undulation and other characteristics of the surface of the object. The instrument we use uses technology  optical sensors to provide accurate surface roughness parameters.



Surface roughness testers play an important role in the industrial field. The main application in our factory is to measure the surface roughness of die-cast parts and die-cast painted parts. During the die casting process, liquid metal is injected into the mold to form the desired part. However, uneven roughness on the part surface may occur due to wear of the mold surface or other factors. By using a surface roughness tester, we can accurately measure and evaluate the surface quality of these parts to ensure they meet design requirements and customer expectations.


There are several reasons why a factory needs a surface roughness tester. First of all, surface roughness is one of the important indicators to measure product quality. Surface roughness requirements vary from industry to industry, but generally require surface smoothness to meet specific standards. By using surface roughness testers, factories can ensure that the quality of product surfaces meets requirements and improve product reliability and performance.


Secondly, surface roughness testers can help us monitor and control changes in the production process. During the manufacturing process, changes in surface roughness may occur due to mold wear, changes in process parameters, or other factors. By regularly using a surface roughness tester for testing, we can detect and correct these changes in a timely manner to ensure product consistency and stability.


By using surface roughness testers, we can improve product quality, reduce production costs, and meet customer needs and expectations.

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