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Mold Processing

We take pride in our cutting-edge plastic mold processing technology. By introducing a range of advanced and high-precision equipment, we are able to provide a diverse and comprehensive mold processing service for plastic, aluminum die casting and sheet metal products.


The molds for plastic injection parts, aluminum die-casting parts, and sheet metal stamping parts are similar in some aspects, but there are also differences. We have capacity to make corresponding molds according to the characteristics of the product. With these advanced technologies, we are able to deliver molds that exceed expectations and meet the demands of complex designs.

1. High-Speed 5-Axis Machining:


Our High-Speed 5-Axis Machining capability revolutionizes mold manufacturing. With this technology, we can achieve intricate and complex geometries with unparalleled precision. The 5-axis capability allows for simultaneous machining in multiple directions, reducing setup time and increasing efficiency. By utilizing high-speed spindles and advanced tooling, we can deliver exceptional surface finishes and tight tolerances, ensuring the highest quality plastic molds. This technology enables us to meet the demands of even the most challenging mold designs, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

Mold processing       Mold processing

2. CNC High-Speed Mold Milling Machining:


Our CNC High-Speed Mold Milling Machining process combines the power of computer numerical control (CNC) technology with high-speed milling capabilities. This allows us to rapidly and accurately remove material from the mold, shaping it to the desired specifications. With advanced CNC machines and cutting tools, we can achieve precise and smooth surfaces, reducing the need for additional finishing processes. This results in shorter lead times and improved overall efficiency in plastic mold production.

Mold processing

3. Electrospark Mirror Machining:


Electrospark Mirror Machining, also known as EDM, is a specialized technique that delivers exceptional surface quality and intricate details. This process involves controlled electrical discharges between an electrode and the workpiece, eroding the material to create the desired shape. Our advanced EDM technology ensures mirror-like surface finishes, eliminating the need for additional polishing or finishing processes. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall efficiency of plastic mold production. With Electrospark Mirror Machining, we can achieve precise and complex features, meeting the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.


4.  Wire-Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM):


Wire-Cut EDM is a precise and efficient method for creating intricate shapes and contours in plastic molds. This process utilizes a thin, electrically charged wire to cut through the workpiece with high precision. Wire-Cut EDM allows us to achieve tight tolerances and complex shapes that are difficult to produce with conventional machining methods. With this technology, we can create molds with intricate details and fine features, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Mold processing      Mold processing

Our advanced Mold Processing Technology sets us apart in the industry. By leveraging High-Speed 5-Axis Machining, CNC High-Speed Mold Milling Machining, Electrospark Mirror Machining, and Wire-Cut EDM etc, we deliver molds that embody precision, efficiency, and durability.


Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement allows us to meet the evolving demands of the plastic mold industry. Contact us today to experience the transformative power of our Plastic Mold Processing Technology and witness the difference it can make in your manufacturing processes.

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